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Personalized aluminum cake pan | Custom Design

Personalized aluminum cake pan | Custom Design

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Ready to make a statement when you roll into your next potluck or family gathering? 

Say hello to our personalized cake pans. With a powder-coated lid and engraved personalized design, this cake pan will make you the envy of the gathering. Whether it's a pan of bars for the family reunion in the park, a cake for Aunt Linda's 70th, or a casserole to serve your unexpected company, this pan will do it all. In style. 

The details: 

-   9x13 aluminum pan with a powder-coated lid that snaps on easily and securely

-   The pan is dishwasher safe. The lid should be hand washed.

-   5 colors to choose from.

-   Custom artwork created from your ideas/requests.


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