We're More Than Gifts, We Craft Connections

Sand Shooters exists because we understand one thing very clearly: Family. It's the heart of everything we do, and the stories we cherish most.

You want meaningful connections with the people you love, beyond the clutter of everyday life. You yearn for lasting memories, shared laughter, and moments that truly matter. But mass-produced decor doesn't cut it. You crave something unique, something special, something that tells your family's story.

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And that's where we come in...

Sand Shooters was founded in Pierre, SD, in the late 1990's by Weldon and Connie after a trip to Jackson Hole where they were introduced to some sand carved artwork. They immediately fell in love with the process and set out to learn how to do it for themselves. And learn they did. Sand Shooters started with beautiful and delicate crystal ornaments and a simple desire to connect families and friends through personalized gifts.


Driven by values of family, love, and shared experiences, every piece whispers a story, waiting to be cherished by yours. We pour our passion into each creation, hoping it sparks laughter, warmth, and lasting memories within your own family.

always on the go...

Those family values keep us busy. Time spent with each other or in the shop - it's never boring. We know that our customers have busy lives, too. That's why we strive to make shopping easy for you.

It's not just about what you buy, it's about what you build. At Sand Shooters, we help you connect deeper, create lasting memories, and weave the threads that bind families closer. We're more than gifts, we're storytellers, memory makers, and connection crafters. Come join us, and let's craft your family's legacy, one piece at a time.

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We love dreaming up and creating the perfect handcrafted items that are classic yet trendy and work with any personality. We never sell something we wouldn't be proud to display in our own homes.

Whether you need something special and personalized or you're looking for a last minute gift for that long lost relative, we'll help you make it look like you've got it all together.

want to read more about our story?

Family is such an integral part of our everyday life and frequently spills out into the Sand Shooters communications. Join our email list below and make sure to follow us on socials to see what we're up to.

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