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Floral Wreath Family Name | Personalized aluminum cake pan

Floral Wreath Family Name | Personalized aluminum cake pan

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Make delicious memories with this family-friendly pan! This personalized aluminum cake pan is just the thing for creating treats that both look and taste sweet. Whether you're serving up casseroles or cakes, nobody minds cooking when there's a pan this pretty waiting to bake in. Plus, its sturdy aluminum construction and powder coated lid make it a must-have in any kitchen. And best of all, it's adorned with your family name engraved in an elegant and stylish laurel wreath design. Yum!

 The details: 

-   9x13 aluminum pan with a powder-coated lid that snaps on easily and securely

-   The pan is dishwasher safe. The lid should be hand washed.

-   5 colors to choose from. Red, black, navy, and teal all have a nice matte texture that      feels nice in the hand. Copper vein is a beautiful hammered copper with a slight shine.

-   Made in the USA


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